WBro Ray Grace has just celebrated 50 years as a member of Citadel 1897 Lodge and has been honoured with a third promotion to PPSGW by the Province of Middlesex.

He became PPJGD whilst our Lodge Treasurer, and PPJGW whilst our Lodge Secretary, during which time he was Worshipful Master for a second time.

WBro Ray is now our highly respected Royal Arch representative and Lodge Chaplain.

He put the Lodge accounts onto computer (early days of computers) whilst treasurer, his format for the summary sheets are still being used now.

He joined Citadel at the age of 40, and hence will celebrate his 90th Birthday on the 9th July.

When asked about his life in Citadel, his reply was that “ Citadel members are a grand bunch “and that he enjoys our lodge work and socials, and doing the long closing when needed at lodge meetings, the wording of which he says is the essence of Freemasonry.

During his working life, he was a Building Services and Consulting Engineer, sadly, his wife Doreen, whom he met 72 years ago, suffers from acute arthritis and dementia, and is now in a nursing home. They have three sons and a daughter, and six grandchildren.

They have recently been blessed with a great granddaughter Sienna.

Worshipful Brother Ray was Lodge secretary during Citadel’s Centenary year, preparing our Lodge Centenary History that the basis of which, is still issued in an updated form to every new member.

Worshipful Brother Ray then wrote a book to help other Lodges on “How to prepare your Lodge for its Centenary” all monies raised from its sale were donated to charity.

He was fortunate enough to attend Grand Lodges 125th Celebration held at Earls Court when thirteen thousand Freemasons and non-masonic friends attended a ceremony that was televised worldwide, afterwards dining with the Grand Master and 5000 attendees.

He was also present at the 150th Anniversary held recently at the Albert Hall, when 5000 Freemasons were present, including many Grand Masters from around the World, which told the story of UGLE, which was televised online :