WBro Ron has held the office of secretary since 2002 and twice served a WM in 1992/96, also serving as ADC 1994-95, Chaplain 1999 – 2002.

Although born in London now lives with his family in Bournemouth. 

As secretary he is responsible for the general smooth running of the lodge, this also includes booking the entertainment for the festive board. Citadel Lodge are the only lodge as far as we know who has entertainment at every meeting, at our May meeting in particular when we celebrate St Georges Day with plenty of singing and flag waving which WBro Ron introduced as WM in 1993 which still continues to this day.

 As secretary in 2006 when we celebrated our 125 anniversary WBro Ron’s had the task to collate our history, writing, organising the printing including the distribution as far away as Canada.

WBro Ron has been promoted to PPrSGW which looking at our history is the first time that any Brother has achieved this recognition in our 137 year history.