I am W. Bro Lee Thomspon and I am the Director of Ceremonies and Preceptor of the Citadel Lodge

I have been in the lodge for 25 years and was Worshipful Master in 1999.

My duties include regulating the ceremonies that we perform in open lodge whilst keeping a careful eye on the working of the various historical rituals we perform. It is also my duty to see the distinguished brethren receive the honours due to them.

I have been in this office for 14 years and take great pride guiding and helping the various brethren who are elevated from a steward through to the Master’s chair. This is through continual practice and rehearsal at “Lodge of Instruction”.

This is an office which I take great pride in and to maintain the high standards set by previous DC’s which in turn continues the excellent work within the temple for which many visitors comment on our good work which comes from dedication and practice.

Citadel Lodge, No. 1897 Lodge of Instruction is held fortnightly from 8-10pm on a Thursday at the HDMC where all are welcome.

WBro. Lee Thompson

WBro. Lee Thompson

Director of Ceremonies, Preceptor

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